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Fashion & Lifestyle Retail Succes!

Focus on your business growth thanks to seamless integrations, marketing opportunities, and reports!

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2024 digitization guide

 Get our free eBook about digitization of your retail store and what's possible on a small budget. No dreams, but the real practical stuff. The eBook takes you on a journey through the world of retail for now!
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Give your retail business a boost with data analytics

Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions for your shop with our easy-to-read reports, which help you attract new customers, optimise your stock and increase profitability.

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Seamless integration with brand information

Get the information from your brands digitally, via EDI, email or whatever is possible and process this easily in StoreKeeper.

You can also share your information back with the brands via EDI or other reports to be replenished automatically, for example.


Expand your reach with an online shop and marketplaces

From StoreKeeper, effortlessly manage all your products across multiple platforms through seamless real-time integration with web shop platforms and marketplaces, allowing you to reach a larger audience and maximise your sales potential.